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ShortPoint SPFx (Office 365 / SharePoint 2019)

Installation (Office 365) 9

Installation (SharePoint 2019) 12

Upgrade 13

Uninstallation 6

Known Issues and Fixes 26

How to / Tips and Tricks 16

FAQ 34

ShortPoint Page Builder

Design Elements 13

Managing Design Elements 6

Events Design Element 12

Date Lists Design Element 1

Power BI 17

Power Apps 12

Microsoft Teams 5

Intranet Social Kit 6

Manage 1

How to / Tips and Tricks 65

Custom CSS 48

Known Issues and Fixes 24

Developers 1


ShortPoint Theme Builder

Getting Started 10

Site Layouts 1

Footer 4

Fonts and Typography 1

Custom Fonts 5

Colors 3

Preloader 7

How to / Tips and Tricks 15

Custom CSS 10

Advanced Settings 15

Known Issues and Fixes 23

FAQ 40

ShortPoint Connect

General 6

Connection Types 19

People Search 13


How to / Tips and Tricks 23

Known Issues and Fixes 14

FAQ 11


Modern SharePoint 7

Security and Technical Details 8

Performance Improvements 6

Troubleshooting 5

SharePoint and Office 365 4

Migration 7

How to / Tips and Tricks 23


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