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How to Connect ShortPoint Design Elements with SharePoint Document Sets

Document Sets are one of the powerful features in SharePoint. They allow you to store a group of documents together as a single SharePoint item. In this article, we will show you how you can connect the documents of the Document Set content type to ShortPoint Design Elements.


  • You need to have a Document Set content type configured to your SharePoint site. Click here to get more help on how to configure it;
  • You are using a Document Library where the support for Content Types is configured (to enable this, please open the Library Settings > Advanced Settings > click Yes in the field Allow Management of Content types > OK.
  • You are using a Document Library having a Content Type inherited from Document Set content type (configure this by clicking Library Settings > Add from Existing Site Content Types > select the Content Type Group and Content Type (Document Set or any other inherited from Document Set)).

For the purpose of this article, we have created a new content type called ShortPoint Document Set having two template documents in it: one Word and one Excel file, as shown here:

Sample site content type

And here is how the document set items look like in our Document Library.

Each document set has two documents inside it, which means we have 6 documents in the library (3 document sets x 2 documents each):

Sample connected document

Connect a ShortPoint Element to Documents stored in Document Sets

1. Please insert the desired element from ShortPoint Page Builder (we use File Lists for this example). 

2. Go to the Connect tab and choose REST API as a connection type.

    To connect to Document Sets we need to insert the below URL into the REST API URL field (parts marked with red require editing):'Documents')/items?$filter=ContentType eq 'Document Set Name'

Please change the parts highlighted in color to the actual data from your environment:

  • - please replace with your tenant name.
  •  Documents - please replace with the name of your Document Library.
  •  Document Set Name - please replace with your Document Set name.

3. Afterwards, please map the items as shown above. You can also map all other necessary fields. We recommend indicating this value in the Link field: ServerRedirectEmbedUrl in order for the item to become clickable and redirect the user to the document itself.

4. After all changes are done, please press Update and save the page.

Save changes

That's it! You now have ShortPoint Design Elements connected to your SharePoint document set! 

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