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ShortPoint Software Data Protection and Privacy

When you install ShortPoint on your environment, it will run entirely on your sites. We respect your privacy, and this is how we designed ShortPoint from the beginning.


Why ShortPoint sends data

The ShortPoint App, installed in your SharePoint environment, will send the data for the following reasons:

  • ShortPoint License Activation and Protection;
  • Understanding how ShortPoint is being used, so we can feed our roadmap, and provide you with better customer support.

Product usage data

ShortPoint only sends the counters' data on how many times you used the ShortPoint features. 

We do NOT send the site or pages' contents.

Data collected by the ShortPoint App

At the product level, ShortPoint sends the following information to the ShortPoint licensing server:

  • ShortPoint Users Information (email, name and available profile properties);
  • ShortPoint License information used for the activation;
  • Browser information for the debugging and support;
  • Counters' data on how many times the ShortPoint User:
    • Opened the Page Builder;
    • Inserted the ShortPoint Design Element and what that Design Element was;
    • Opened the Theme Builder;
    • Used the Power BI;
    • Installed ShortPoint, and the site URL where it was installed;
    • Uninstalled ShortPoint, and the site URL where it was uninstalled;
  • Current page URL;
  • Environment type (Office 365, SharePoint 2019, SharePoint 2016, SharePoint 2013);
  • ShortPoint version;
  • ShortPoint package type (WSP Solution, Add-in, SPFx).


Events are being sent only while editing the pages. Nothing is sent while the users are viewing the pages.

The following are the events that trigger ShortPoint to send the data:

  • Page Builder events:
    • Insert;
    • Update;
    • Preview;
    • Connection Data.
  • Theme Builder events:
    • Start Customization;
    • Publish;
    • Reset;
    • Cancel.
  • License Activation;
  • Product Installer:
    • Install;
    • Update;
    • Uninstall.
  • Power BI events:
    • Start;
    • Login;
    • Login Completed;
    • Login Failed;
    • Component Inserted;
    • Component Updated.
  • Integrations:
    • Configuration Started;
    • Graph Login Started;
    • Graph Login Completed;
    • Graph Login Failed;
    • Power BI Started;
    • Power BI Completed;
    • Power BI Failed.

How the data is being sent

ShortPoint calls our highly secure and protected, using the secure channel HTTPS.

Event properties object is serialized as JSON, encoded to Base64 and sent as a formed body.

Events are being sent only while editing the pages. Nothing is sent while the users are viewing the pages.

Can I disable sending usage data completely?

Yes, you can block access to the domain.

For the SharePoint Online: You have to unblock it only when you need to apply the license or change the assigned ShortPoint users.

How long does ShortPoint keep my data?

ShortPoint keeps your data for at least three years period. 

However, we respect your privacy, and you can request to delete all your data from our systems at any time. Please send this request to

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