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Adding External User to ShortPoint License

In case you need to invite an external user to design your organization's SharePoint site with ShortPoint, this article is for you.

Before we start:

  • You are using SharePoint Online
  • You need to have Global Admin SharePoint admin rights
  • Enable External Sharing in your settings.  In order to do this, please follow these steps:

Step 1:

Please navigate to your SharePoint admin center. You need to follow URL like this : (if you are not able to access it, please contact your Site Administrator).

Step 2:  

From Sites navigation option, click Active sites:

Step 3:

Select the Site you need, navigate to Policies tab and click Edit under External Shareing option:

Step 4: 

Change your Site Content sharing setting to Anyone:

Now we are good to go. 

Step 1: Share your site

Navigate to the site where you are going to use ShortPoint and share it with the external user:

  • Classic site

Click Share button and insert the email of the user you need to invite:

  • Modern Communication site

Click Share button and insert the email of the user you need to invite:

  • Modern Team site

Click the Loudspeaker icon and select Invite team members:

Step 2: Grant permissions to external user

Navigate to the Site settings of your site:

  • Select People and groups option

  • Invite user to the Site Owners group

Step 3: Assign external user to ShortPoint license

Navigate to ShortPoint Dashboard -> Licensing and assign your external user to the ShortPoint license and click Save Changes:

That's all. Now external user can use the ShortPoint on your site.

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