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How to Track Your SharePoint Site Usage with Google Analytics

You want to track your site usage, and grasp information about how your site visitors are behaving while visiting your site using the popular Google Analytics tool? We're here to help!

Before we Start:

This article assumes that you are already familiar with Google Analytics, and that you already have an account to use the Google Analytics Service.

Step 1: Create a property on Google Analytics.

Note: If this is the first time you will be using Google Analytics, you need to create an Account first, after that you can create the Property.

Then fill out the New Property form data as shown below, and Click Get Tracking ID:

Step 2: Copy the Tracking Code.

Now we need to get the Tracking Code, in order to apply it to our SharePoint site.

After you have created the property from the previous step, you will be redirected to a page that contains the Tracking code, as shown below. You need to copy the following values:

  1. The link from the first script tag without quotes, and paste it into a notepad, so we can use it on the Theme Builder in the Next Step.
  2. Copy the code between the script tags, and paste it on another notepad as well, so we can use it next.

Step 3:

Apply the tracking code into the ShortPoint Theme Builder

Open the ShortPoint Theme Builder (Site Settings > ShortPoint Dashboard > Site Customizations > Customize my site).

Then navigate to Utilities > Custom JavaScript, and paste the values you already copied as follows:

  1. The link you copied from the Script tag, paste it into the Custom JavaScript Link field.
  2. The code you have copied between the <script> tags, paste it into the Custom JavaScript text area.

Now you only have to click Apply and Publish, and you should start seeing some data and insights on how your visitors are behaving on your site.

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