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Part 2: Add the Footer to SharePoint

This guide will teach you how to add your custom footer to your SharePoint Site. Make sure you have accomplished Part 1: Create the Footer from ShortPoint Generator Page before proceeding.


Before We Begin

Step-by-step Tutorial

Step 1: Open ShortPoint Theme Builder

Go to the site where you want to add your custom footer and click the cogwheel icon.

cogwheel icon

From the drop-down, select Site contents.

Site contents button

Click ShortPoint Dashboard.

ShortPoint Dashboard

From the ShortPoint Dashboard, click Theme Builder

Theme Builder button

Click Customize my site to open Theme Builder.

Customize my site button

Select Footer from the Theme Builder.

Footer button

Then, select General Layout.

General Layout button

Under Select Footer, click the name of the custom footer you created in Part 1.

footer selection

NOTE: Only the custom footers you created using ShortPoint Generator will appear in the select footer drop-down. The custom design elements you created can only be added through Page Builder. 

Upon selection, the selected footer will appear on your site. 

sample footer

Apply your desired customizations on the Footer element. You may choose its background color and even specify how you want the footer to appear on your site.

customizing footer

Once you are satisfied with your footer, hit the Publish button. 

Publish button

Congratulations, you can now enjoy your awesome footer!

Sample footer

Now that you know how to create and add a footer to your SharePoint site, you can now learn more about different footer settings. Check out Part 3: Customizing your Footer

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