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Part 2: Add the Footer to SharePoint

Before we start:

You need to create the Footer from the ShortPoint Generator Dashboard Page, if you haven't done this yet, please refer to the following article before proceeding with this one:

Now after that you have created a Footer element, it is time to apply it to your site using ShortPoint Theme Builder tool.

Step 1: 

Open the ShortPoint Theme Builder tool ( ShortPoint Dashboard > Site Customizations

and click the Customize my site button:

Step 2: 

Choose your newly created Footer element by navigating to Footer > General Layout, and select your newly created Footer element, from the Footer drop-down menu.

Note: Only Generated ShortPoint elements of Footer type can be selected from the Footer drop-down menu. Generated ShortPoint elements of  Element type will not appear here.

And now our site will have a basic Footer applied:

Step 3: 

Apply your desired customizations on the Footer element.

To make those Social icons we added as a footer more visible, I am going to change the background of the Footer, and let it have the primary color:

Step 4: 


Once you are satisfied with your Footer, hit the Publish button, and enjoy your new awesome website footer :)

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