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ShortPoint Generator Basic Tutorial. Part 2: Using Generated Content on Pages

In this article, you will learn how to use your custom Design Element (created in Part 1 of this tutorial) on a SharePoint page. Follow the steps carefully to get started.


Before We Begin

Step-by-step Tutorial

Step 1: Add the Generated Element to Your Page

In the ShortPoint web part, click the plus icon to add a design element to your page.

plus icon

Scroll down to the bottom of your Page Builder and select your custom element. In this case, we will use the custom element we made in Part 1.

Custom element

NOTE: All custom Design Elements can be found at the bottom of your Page Builder. They will be highlighted in yellow.
NOTE: You can only edit your design element in ShortPoint Generator. It will not be customizable in Page Builder.

Step 2: Fill in the customizable attributes (optional)

This step is optional. If your custom element has customizable fields, you will be prompted to add the necessary details in your Page Builder.

customizable field

NOTE: Check out ShortPoint Generator: Make parts of predefined elements customizable to learn more about adding customizable fields. 

Otherwise, you will see the notification below. 

No customizable field

Step 3: Save Results

After adding all the necessary details, click Insert.

insert button

Congratulations, you can now see your awesome results!

Final result

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