In this article you will find the steps on how to add the element from ShortPoint Generator to the page.
You can find information on how to create the element in ShortPoint Generator here:  ShortPoint Generator Basic Tutorial. Part 1: Creating Generated Content

Step 1 : Add the Generated Element to Your Page

After you open the Page Builder you will see the new custom ShortPoint in the end of the elements list.  It will be highlighted with yellow:

  • It will be added to your page.

Note: You will be not able to customize the element in Page Builder, only in ShortPoint Generator.

Step 2: Fill in the customizable attributes (optional)

Insert all needed fields, which you have set to be customizable. Please check more about this in our ShortPoint Generator: Make parts of predefined elements customizable article.

Step 3: Save Results

Save the page and check your awesome results 

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