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Installation Steps

  1. Extract ShortPoint zip file into your SharePoint server.
  2. Make sure you are farm administrator with all required permissions to install SharePoint solutions. For more info, click here
  3. Run ShortPoint setup file (Setup2013.exe or Setup2016.exe).
  4. In case you are upgrading, choose Upgrade after you run the Setup file.
  5. Activate ShortPoint feature on Web Application or Site Levels. Click here to find out more.
    That's it!

Important: Sometimes ShortPoint Feature gets deactivated after the upgrade. If this happens, all you have to do is to go to Site Collection Settings and activate ShortPoint Feature.

For detailed installation steps, click here.

Post-installation steps (for verification)

  1. In your central administration, open ShortPoint Licensing page and verify you have an active license. More information about licensing, click here.
  2. Make sure ShortPoint Web Application/Site Collection/Site Feature is activated.
  3. Open Site Settings > ShortPoint Dashboard and verify that there are no errors.
  4. Edit any page on your site, and you should see ShortPoint Insert buttons:

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