This is article is for you if you have:

  • Installed ShortPoint Farm Solution
  • SharePoint 2013 or 2016 On Premise Farms
  • New ShortPoint license key and want to activate it

To activate ShortPoint license key, you need to open ShortPoint Licensing Management page and activate your license.

Step 1. Open License Management page

Login to your Central Administration.

Open License Management Page under ShortPoint Category:

Step 2. Activate new license

Paste the new license key you have in the License Key area.

Click Activate.


  • Activate requires internet access to validated and activate the license on the server. This is done once, and license will not need to be validated again.
  • If the server is not connected to the internet, click on Offline Activation, and we will activate the license on your behalf

Step 3. Assign users as ShortPoint users

You have to assign users as ShortPoint users:

Note: You can change each user once a year. After changing, the field will be locked. 
If you need to change the user urgently, please send your request to (We would appreciate if you indicate Reassign ShortPoint User as the email topic).

Now, all ShortPoint users can use ShortPoint to design awesome sites. 

All other users can edit content freely, but they will not be able to use ShortPoint

None ShortPoint Users

If the user is not ShortPoint user, he/she will notice that ShortPoint Insert buttons are not enabled with the following tooltip "Current user is not configured as ShortPoint User":

Also, ShortPoint Dashboard features are not active and showing this message: "You are not ShortPoint User":