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ShortPoint Farm Solution Upgrade (SharePoint 2013/2016)

Take advantage of new features and functionality by regularly upgrading to the latest ShortPoint version release that is available. In this article, you will find the steps on how to do a ShortPoint Farm Solution upgrade for On-Premise SharePoint 2013/2016.



  • You have On-Premise SharePoint 2013/2016 environment
  • You have an older version of ShortPoint Farm Solution installed
  • You have the appropriate administrator permissions to install ShortPoint

Step 1: Download the latest ShortPoint Farm Solution package

Visit our site and download a copy of the latest ShortPoint Farm Solution package for your environment.

Step 2: Load the ShortPoint Foundation setup wizard

Extract the file from your download into your server and open the setup executable file.  The ShortPoint Foundation setup wizard will open in a new window.

Step 3: Install ShortPoint Farm Solution Upgrade

Once the ShortPoint Foundation setup wizard opens, begin by hitting the Next button.

The wizard will do a system check for all the requirements to install the application. Once all items have check marks, you can proceed to hit Next.

You will then be asked what operation to perform in this process. Please choose Repair for the upgrade. This will remove the previous ShortPoint installation and replace it with the newest version. Then hit Next.

All SharePoint environments with activated ShortPoint will be listed for your review. Click Next to proceed.

The setup wizard will now perform the upgrade. Once complete, go and hit the Next button.

The last window showing the changelog will now appear. You can now Close the ShortPoint Foundation setup wizard.

You now have the latest version of ShortPoint Farm Solution installed. Go and explore what is new.

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