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Best Practices for a Successful Install (SharePoint On-Premise 2013 and 2016)

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You are installing ShortPoint Farm Solution (WSP) on SharePoint 2013 or SharePoint 2016 Servers

You won't be able to use ShortPoint on modern SharePoint sites using farm solutions, proceed with ShortPoint SPFx Installation (SharePoint 2016 / SharePoint 2019) instead.

Required Permission

  • The installation account must be farm administrator
  • The installation account must be a member of the local server Administrators group and have the db_owner role for the SharePoint configuration database
  • To automatically activate site collection features during installation (optional), use an account that is also a SharePoint site collection administrator
  • If the installation account is not a Site Collection Administrator for all site collections in a web application, then you should choose to not automatically activate the solution during the installation. Site Collection Administrators can activate the solution when they are ready to use it in their web application and then in their site collection.

SharePoint Administration Service

Make sure the SharePoint Administration Service is running

Location of Installation

  • If you are installing a ShortPoint in a SharePoint farm environment, make sure to start the installation on the correct server. 
  • ShortPoint is installed on a farm server running the Central Administration service
  • Refer to SharePoint Central Administration > System Settings > Servers > Manage servers on this farm for a list of farm servers running these services.
  • During the installation process, ShortPoint will be automatically deployed to all Web front-end servers by the SharePoint Timer service via SharePoint Solution Deployment. There is no need to run the Setup/Installation program on more than one server in the farm.

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