As you may have noticed that ShortPoint elements created in ShortPoint Generator are not editable in Page Builder 

In this article you can find out more about how to create ShortPoint element in ShortPoint Generator, where you will have an option to change one or more of its fields, for example, a Title.

STEP 1.  Create a ShortPoint element in ShortPoint Generator

Please follow the steps from this article: ShortPoint Generator Basic Tutorial. Part 1: Creating Generated Content

STEP 2.  Add attribute value %%attribute%% 

Add it to the text field where you want to have an option to set unique text and Save the changes.

Note: You can set the attribute values to another fields, which you want to be able to set in Page Builder 

STEP 3.  Set the Page title field in the element

Add generated element to your page. If you have already added it before, then refresh the page and navigate to the settings of the element. You will see one field with the attribute we have set. Insert the text you want to display and Save the changes or Update them.

Now you can insert unique titles to your ShortPoint Generated element on different pages.

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