Here are the simple steps how to create your custom ShortPoint element using ShortPoint Generator:

Step 1: Open ShortPoint Generator

  • Go to the ShortPoint Dashboard and open the ShortPoint Generator.

Step 2: Create Custom ShortPoint Element

  • Insert the name for your element and set the Type to Element:

  • Build your custom element  from scratch in the editor of the Generator page. Use the blue Insert button to open the Page Builder.
    In this example we have used a Section with some text and a background.

    Alternatively, you can copy an element or a few elements from ShortPoint Demos, paste them into the Generator and make all further editing you need.

  • After you are done with creating your generated content, save your content by pressing the Save Changes button in the bottom of the page.

  • The content you created  will be stored in ShortPoint Generator after saving.
  • From here, you can preview, edit, or delete elements.

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