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How to Add the Hex Color Code in the Theme Builder Color Palette Settings

ShortPoint  allows you to customize the color in your Design Elements or SharePoint themes on your site. In this article we will go through the process of adding your own Hex colors in case you want to use the specific color and not select the pre-defined color in Theme Builder Color Palette customization settings.  

Note: You can also add your own Hex code in the settings of the element in the Page Builder. You can find more on it in How to add Hex color code in Page Builder article.


Step 1. Open the Color Palette in the Theme Builder 

Open the ShortPoint Theme Builder.

Navigate to Branding > Color Palette:

Step 2. Enter the Hex values

Select the option where you want to add your Hex Color Code and enter it in the search field:

Step 3. Select the code from the list

Once you enter the code it will show you this color in the list, please select it:

 Your changes are now applied:

Do not forget to Publish your changes.

That's it.  Now you know how to add Hex Color Code in the Theme Builder Color Palette settings.

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