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Adding, Duplicating, Moving and Deleting Items in ShortPoint Design Elements

In this article we will show you how to add, duplicate, move and delete items in ShortPoint Design Elements.


Before we begin

  • This article shows how to add, duplicate, move and delete items of ShortPoint Design Elements in a static way
  • Please, check our ShortPoint Connect: Basic Tutorial on how to use the dynamic way of creating items of ShortPoint Design Elements.

Adding items

After you have inserted the ShortPoint Design Element to your page from the Page Builder, it's time to add items to it. For the purposes of this article we will use the ShortPoint Events Design Element.

Use the Items tab to add and store all your items. Here you may fill in the details of your Design Elements. The common fields for ShortPoint Design Elements are Title, Subtitle, Description, however there might be more specific fields, such as Location, Time, Start and End date for Events Design Element:

Some Design Elements have other great features you can also use. For example, for the Events Design Element we have Recurring, All-day, Category options. 

After you have filled all the necessary details, you may check how it will look like on your page by clicking the Preview button:

Click Insert to add the item.

Here is the example of the first event we have created:

Managing multiple items

Adding multiple items

For adding multiple items, click the plus sign in the Items tab and fill the details of your next item in.

Item 2 will appear. Add the details of your next item. Click Update when you finished adding the items.

Duplicating an item

For duplicating an existing item, click the duplicate button in the Items tab:

A copy of the selected item will appear in the list of items:

Reordering created items

If you would like to change the order of the items in your list, click the up/down button in the Items tab and adjust the item's position by simply moving it up or down.

Deleting items

It is also possible to remove an existing item from your list. In the Items tab click the cross button to delete the item. 

The item will now disappear from the list.

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