Quite often we hear the word Modern SharePoint. Now, we are aware of what is SharePoint (and we love SharePoint) however all of a sudden the SharePoint has been divided into two parts!

  • Classic
  • Modern

What is classic SharePoint and modern SharePoint?

Well, Microsoft has released a whole new world for SharePoint followers (could it be a developer, a designer, an administrator or an end user), we all got a new surprise from Microsoft called Modern SharePoint!

Modern SharePoint experience

In a simple language, Modern SharePoint is a completely different SharePoint Experience designed to;

  1. Make SharePoint responsive and look much better on Mobile devices

  2. To give rich user experience for document management

  3. Easily resize, sort, filter, and group columns, and create custom views

One thing to note here is there are a few features which are not supported yet on Modern SharePoint experience.

OK, what is classic SharePoint then?

Classic SharePoint is the old SharePoint experience which we had been using before the release of Modern SharePoint.

Is Modern SharePoint For me?

Yes of course, it is for every SharePoint user across the world. Microsoft would like to make Modern the default experience and slowly we see it will be the future of SharePoint. So we recommend you to switch to Modern SharePoint experience as soon as you can.

Have a happy modern life!