This article is for:

  • SharePoint Online / Office 365 with Modern Experience

Microsoft is introducing a new and awesome way to create pages.


We still did not release the support for this new experience, but stay tuned! Very soon you will be able to add ShortPoint to these kinds of pages.

Screenshot of the new experience we are currently working on for new modern pages:


While this new feature is great, it is still very new and there are a lot of upgrades coming up in the coming months. Classic pages are supported and will always be supported. When we release the support for the new modern pages, it will be part of your existing installation and will work seamlessly.

Currently, this is what you can not do with modern sites:

  1. You can not add ShortPoint elements to modern pages
  2. You can not use ShortPoint theme builder to customize the look on modern sites

We are working on the above capabilities and soon they will be supported with ShortPoint.

What you can do now with modern sites:

  1. Create Wiki Pages Library
  2. Create Wiki Page, Web Part Page, new Page in Pages Libray (Publishing Feature)
  3. Use ShortPoint to build, brand and design those pages (classic experience)

How to use ShortPoint along with modern sites?

OPTION 1: Create Wiki Pages Library

  1. Go to Site Content
  2. Add App
  3. Search for Wiki Pages Library
  4. Create Pages in this library, and you can use ShortPoint there

NOTE: Set one of the pages as home page, if you want to use ShortPoint Theme Builder

OPTION 2: Create Wiki or Web Part Pages

Step 1: Open Site Contents


Step 2: Open Site Pages


 Step 3: Create Wiki Page or Web Part Page


NOTE: Set one of the pages as home page, if you want to use ShortPoint Theme Builder

 NOTE: Pages Library
If "SharePoint Server Publishing Features" are enabled on the site and site collection, then you can create pages in Pages library directly. Modern pages are added in Site Pages library. (Confusing, we know! But this is how SharePoint works.)


Step 4:

Insert ShortPoints to your pages and start designing awesome and responsive pages

NOTE: Set one of the pages as home page, if you want to use ShortPoint Theme Builder

Important: Scripting Capabilities are not enabled on Modern Sites. For more information, check out this article: Enable Scripting Capabilities on Modern Sites