If your license expired:

  • Your existing designs and pages will continue to work without any issue
  • You will not be able to use ShortPoint to design new pages
  • You will not be able to edit existing designs
  • You will not be able to paste new designs

Buy New License

You can buy a new ShortPoint license from SAPStore.com, or request a quote. You can also request to extend your trial license by emailing us to support@shortpoint.com.

After you buy new license, follow the following steps to activate your new license

STEP 1: Open Account Settings Page

Edit ShortPoint Widget, then click on the account settings icon.

STEP 2: Open Subscription Tab and Click "Activate My License"

Open subscription tab which will read your license information from ShortPoint activation server. If there is a new license, you will see the button "Activate My License".

This is what you will see after you successfully activate your license:

STEP 3: Refresh the page

Refresh the page and you will be able to use ShortPoint normally.