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Enable Caching on Connected ShortPoint Design Elements

If you have a connected ShortPoint design element on your page, ShortPoint will read the information from the connected source every time you load the page, which will affect your page loading time.

This article will demonstrate how you can enable caching for connected ShortPoint Design Elements to reduce page load time.



  • You must have the latest version of ShortPoint SPFx installed on your SharePoint environment.
  • You must be a ShortPoint Designer with an active license.

Enabling Caching

When you enable the cache option, it will allow ShortPoint to read the information from the connected source only once after the page loads. After that, the information will be kept in the browser's local storage (cached).

There are three cache options you can use:

  • Smart Cache+ (Recommended) - this will allow the element to load quickly from the cache. Then, after the page finishes loading, it will retrieve the latest data in the background and show it.
  • Cache for a Set Period of Time - this will allow you to set the time period to clear the cache. Data from the cache will be shown for the selected time, then the latest data will be retrieved after that time period expires.
  • Disable caching - this will disable caching on your page.

Start the interactive tutorial to learn how to enable caching:

NOTE: Learn more about Cache options in this solution article: Caching options.

Forcing Cached Data to be cleared

If you have enabled cache for the connected ShortPoint Design Element and there are new updates in the connected source, you can force clear cached data. You can use this option when you want the new data to be displayed on your site immediately and do not want to wait until the cached data expires.

Click Get Started to start  the interactive tutorial on how to force clear cached data:

You can now proceed to Step 3: Detecting Large Images on the page.

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