If you have tried using SharePoint search result query with ShortPoint REST API filter, you might have faced issue 

Step 1: Add a ShortPoint design element

Open ShortPoint Page Builder using the insert buttons.

Select a ShortPoint design element to display your search results. 

In this example we will use File Lists.

Step 2: Connect it with Rest API filter

Switch to Connect tab and select REST API as connection type:

Step 3: In REST API URL provide your search query

Copy the following text and paste it inro the REST API URL text box:

/_api/search/query?querytext='<SEARCH PHRASE>'&rowlimit=<NUMBER OF ITEMS TO SHOW>

Replace <SEARCH PHRASE> by the actual text you wish to search for.
Replace <NUMBER OF ITEMS TO SHOW> by the number of items to be displayed from the search results.

Example Search Query
The following is an example search query to run a search on ShortPoint term in SharePoint site contents and display 10 first search results:


Step 4: Enable avanced settings

Enable Advanced Settings and copy following code in Map Results:

var returnData = [];
var $ = shortpoint.$;
var results = data.d.query.PrimaryQueryResult.RelevantResults.Table.Rows.results;
$.each(results, function () {
var row = {};
$.each(this.Cells.results, function () {
row[this.Key] = this.Value;
return returnData;

Step 5: Map the items

witch to Items tab and map search results properties to be displayed. Click Insert button when done:

That's it! This will now allow you to map search result with your ShortPoint element.