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ShortPoint Generator: An Overview of Best Features

ShortPoint Generator is one of the most powerful tools you can find  in ShortPoint Dashboard. It allows you to create custom templates of the elements so that they appear in the Page Builder along with other ShortPoint elements. With ShortPoint Generator,  you can leverage the process of building new pages and receive maximum result with minimum of effort.

In this article we will show you an overview of the ShortPoint Generator features so you can evaluate how helpful it will be for your organization's purposes.

ShortPoint Generator and Templates Element Video Tutorial

Feature 1: Update multiple pages from a single source

Create a design element, a combination of elements, a layout, a footer, or even an entire page in ShortPoint Generator and insert it into different site pages just in a few clicks instead of re-creating the element from scratch. 
Update the design of your element in ShortPoint Generator and it will be automatically updated for all your pages.

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Feature 2: Make parts of predefined elements customizable

This feature will be helpful for you if you want to use the same generated element on different pages, but you want to leave one of it fields editable.

Simply to add %%attribute%% to the fields you want to be able to edit, and they will become modifiable.

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Feature 3: Make predefined layouts and allow content customization

Create pre-defined content box designs in the Generator and allow to fill them up with different content on each page. 

Use the %%content%% value in the generator to make the element content modifiable.

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