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ShortPoint Generator: An Overview of Best Features

During the course of designing ShortPoint pages, you may have created design templates that you plan to use repeatedly across your site collection. While it is easy to copy and paste these templates throughout your site, it can be time-consuming to edit them one by one once you need to update them. 

The best solution to this problem is ShortPoint Generator. It is a powerful feature in ShortPoint that allows you to create custom Design Elements and save them as a new element in your Page Builder. With ShortPoint Generator,  you can shorten the process of editing because all the edits you make will be inherited everywhere your custom element appears in your site collection.

We are excited to show you how you can make the most out of ShortPoint Generator and how it can make your life as a ShortPoint Designer so much easier.


ShortPoint Generator and Templates Element Video Tutorial

Watch our Founder and CEO, Sami Alsayyed, as he demonstrates below the different ways you can use ShortPoint Generator.

NOTE: You may see a slightly different interface in the video depending on the SharePoint environment you are using. However, the functionality and uses of the ShortPoint Generator remain the same.

Update multiple pages from a single source

Create a design element, a combination of elements, a layout, a footer, or even an entire page in ShortPoint Generator and insert it into different site pages in just a few clicks instead of re-creating the Design Elements you've made from scratch. Update the design of your element in ShortPoint Generator and it will be automatically updated for all your pages.

You can find out more about this feature using this guide: Update Multiple Pages from a Single Source.

Update from a single source

Make parts of predefined elements customizable

Editing parts of your custom elements is now possible. This feature will be helpful for you if you want to use the same generated element on different pages but want to leave one of its fields editable. All you have to do is add %%attribute%% to the fields you want to edit and they will become modifiable once you insert the elements using Page Builder.

Learn more about it through this article: ShortPoint Generator: Make Parts of Predefined Elements Customizable.

make parts customizable

Make predefined layouts and allow content customization 

Create pre-defined content box designs in the Generator and allow to fill them up with different content on each page. Use the %%content%% value in the generator to make the element content modifiable.

Check out ShortPoint Generator: Make predefined layouts and allow content customization to learn more. 

Make predefined layouts

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