If you would like to create one element template on different pages and you don't want to re-create or make changes of it on every page, then this article is for you.

Step 1: Create ShortPoint element in ShortPoint Generator

Create your element in ShortPoint Generator and paste to your pages.

Please follow the steps from this:  ShortPoint Generator Basic Tutorial. Part 1: Creating Generated Content article.

Here is an example we have created:

Step 2: Make changes to the element

Once we have already one of our generated elements on different pages, we can customize them all in few clicks from ShortPoint Generator.

Navigate to ShortPoint Generator and Edit the element you have Saved there as template:

Now we are able to change the settings of the element, for example let's change the background settings:

Save the changes.

Now you can just refresh your pages with this element and сhanges will be applied.

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