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Getting Started with ShortPoint Footer for SharePoint

In this article, we will show you how you can add your first footer to your SharePoint Site


We have prepared a few footer examples for you. You can find all templates in our demos library. You can also find accessibility footer examples you can use to show that your site is compliant with international accessibility standards.

Enable Allow to copy single ShortPoint bar and then copy any of the footer templates:

copy demo footer

Step 2: Open ShortPoint Generator

The next step is to create your first footer on your site.

If you are using SharePoint 2013 or 2016 on premise, go to Site settings > ShortPoint Dashboard > Generator:

open Generator

If you are using SharePoint Online and Office 365, go to Site contents > ShortPoint App > Generator:

open Generator

If you are using SharePoint SPFx and Office 365, go to Site contents > ShortPoint Dashboard > Generator:

open Generator

Give a name to your footer element, and be sure to select Footer as type.

After this, you can paste your footer into the content area below. Or, alternatively, you can build your own footer right here. Do not forget to save your changes.

paste footer into Generator

If you want to make some changes to your footer, go to ShortPoint Dashboard and open Generator. You can preview your footer and edit it as well. Just click the Edit button and do whatever you want. For example, I want the first column to be the last.

preview footer

From the ShortPoint Dashboard, select Theme Builder, then click Customize my site.

In the Theme Builder navigation, select Footer, then select General Layout

In the Select Footer drop-down, you can select the footer you created in Generator.

add footer in Theme Builder

Step 6: Remove default settings

We have default settings for the background and paddings in case you create your footer on transparent background. We already have background color in our footer, so lets remove these options:

remove default settings

Step 7: Change some settings

Now let's try to add a line before your footer. You can also change other things like paddings and margins:

change settings

Step 8: Publish your changes

When you finish, click the Publish button in Theme Builder. That's it! Your awesome footer now is on every page of your site.

click Publish

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