If it is easy to add a new Teams tab with ShortPoint, it is equally straightforward to remove it. When the tab you created with ShortPoint is no longer to be used or you want to start fresh, simply follow the steps in this article.


Step 1: Go to the tab you wish to remove

Open the Teams tab you want to remove from your channel.

Step 2: Click the arrow down icon next to the tab name

You will find an arrow down icon beside the tab name. Please click it to show the Tab options dropdown.

Step 3: Select Remove from the dropdown

Step 4: Press remove buttons on succeeding windows

Hit Remove when a new window confirming your intention to remove the tab appears.

Click the Yes, remove tab when the next warning window appears. 

Note: This warning is automatically generated due to Microsoft settings not related to ShortPoint app data. This is an expected window to appear and it not an error or issue to be alarmed about.

That’s it! You have successfully removed the ShortPoint tab.

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