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How to Turn off the ShortPoint Preloader

ShortPoint preloader works after the preloader code is inserted to the master page. Therefore, to turn the preloader off, the preloader code has to be removed from the seattle.html file.


Step 1. Download the seattle.html file

Open the Site Settings. Under Web Designer Galleries, click Master pages:

Find the seattle.html file. Check it out:

Having trouble finding the file? Please check this article: How to find the Master Page.

Download a copy of seattle.html:

Step 2. Remove the preloader code

Open the downloaded seattle.html file with any text or code editor, e.g. Notepad (right-click on the downloaded file, choose Open with > Notepad):

Highlight the preloader code and remove it.

Hint: The preloader code begins with 
            <!-- start page preloader embed script, auto-generated by ShortPoint --> 
and ends with
                       <!-- end page preloader embed script, auto-generated by ShortPoint --> 

Save the file.

Step 3. Upload the new version of seattle.html to the master page library

Go back to Site Settings >Master pages

Click Upload Document in the Ribbon:

Find seattle.html you just modified and leave an optional comment about the master page version. Then click OK:

Press Check In in the next popup:

Click Publish in the Ribbon:

That's it. Now, the preloader will disappear from your site.

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