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SharePoint Modern Color Options, Customization and Organization

Branding your SharePoint site and adding your personal or company brand colors to SharePoint, Office 365 (SharePoint Online) sites has never been more simple and straightforward. Thanks to ShortPoint integration with the Theming REST API available in Modern SharePoint experience, you can brand your site; change the button colors; change the text colors; change page background colors; change the list colors; change the primary and accent colors; add, edit and delete site in a few minutes through a simple and intuitive user interface without writing a single line of code or coding experience. Creating, editing, deleting themes can be done with the SharePoint Color Palette theme tool available in ShortPoint Theme Builder.

Using the Color Customization Settings

Locating the Theme Builder

The color customization settings are located in ShortPoint's Theme Builder. The theme builder can be located by following these simple steps:

  1. Go to your site's Site Contents page
  2. Click on the ShortPoint Dashboard item
  3. Click the Theme Builder tile
  4. Click Customize my site

Color Organization

After opening the Theme Builder, navigate to the Color Palette section in General Settings > Color Palette. Here you will find the colors grouped into intuitive sections, namely:

  1. General Colors: this contains color options for general, re-used UI elements. Presently, there are five options, namely:
    • Primary Buttons background color
    • Default Buttons background color
    • Primary Buttons hover background color
    • Default Buttons hover background color
    • Dividers color
  2. Text Colors: this contains color options for all texts whose color hasn't been set from the Page Builder
    • Body Text and Headings color
    • Article Captions color
  3. Background Colors: this contains color options for the following:
    • Body background color
    • Command Bar background color
  4. Other Colors: this section contains legacy ShortPoint color options and these are available for use in the Page Builder and Generatortools. Presently, there are five options, namely:
    • Secondary Color
    • Highlight Color
    • Alternate Color 1
    • Alternate Color 2
    • Alternate Color 3
  5. Advanced Colors: in the Advanced Colors section, the colors are sectioned and listed according to official SharePoint names and specifications. The color values in here do same as the General, Text, and Background Color sections. The colors in the Advanced section offer more fine-tuned customization at the potential cost of clarity, so it's advisable to use the General, Text, and Background Color sections instead.
  6. Color Theme Tool

Live Preview

The Live Preview feature allows you see the results of your color customization before applying or publishing them. With live preview, you can mix and match individual colors, see what works and what doesn't.

Automatically created Company Theme

When you make your color customization and publish, ShortPoint applies your color customization to your site and automatically creates a SharePoint theme called ShortPoint. This theme is easily accessible from SharePoint's Change the look tool.

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The SharePoint Color Palette and Themes Tool allows you to easily manage SharePoint themes on your site. To use the tool, simply open ShortPoint's modern Theme builder and navigate to General Settings > Color Palette > Color Theme Tool. In this article we will go through how to create, update and delete a SharePoint theme using the Themes tool. Read more

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