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Where Is Ribbon in Modern SharePoint Site?

In Modern SharePoint, the ribbon is no longer available.

It feels like someone has cut our hands when we see ShortPoint without ribbons, doesn't it? Well, not to worry, you will get used to it! Meanwhile, allow us to help you get along with it. First of all, here are the things which would be missing from your modern SharePoint site;

  • Popularity trends

  • RSS Feed

  • Most Popular Items

  • Connect to Outlook

  • Connect to Office

  • Export to Excel

  • Open with Access

  • Form Web Parts

  • Edit Library

  • New Quick-Step

  • Declare Record

  • Send To

  • Follow

Note: For all of the above options, until Microsoft bring them back to Modern SharePoint, you will have to rely on Classic SharePoint experience to use it. 

Here are the alternatives to use the ribbon commands in your modern experience

Edit Page 

This is most common command you might be looking for when the ribbon is missing. Allow us to help here :)

Trust us, this command is still really easy to handle!

You will find Edit button on top right of the page itself.


Save / Publish Page

Again you will see these commands while in edit mode

List or Library settings

You can click on the settings (cog) icon and access the library settings

Manage Alerts

While you are on your list or library page, you can access alerts by clicking more options (the three dots)

New and Edit list commands 

Views in Modern SharePoint 

The filter pane in Modern SharePoint

Click here to know more about filter panels in Modern SharePoint

We will keep adding more options for your convenience.  

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