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Where Is Ribbon in Modern SharePoint Site?

One of the most noticeable changes in the Modern SharePoint site is the missing ribbon. In the new Modern SharePoint site, they have replaced the old ribbon with Command bar that contains simple functions that you can use. 

The list below are the functions which would be missing from the Modern SharePoint site:

  • Popularity trends

  • RSS Feed

  • Most Popular Items

  • Connect to Outlook

  • Connect to Office

  • Open with Access

  • Form Web Parts

  • Edit Library

  • New Quick-Step

  • Declare Record

Note: For all the above options, until Microsoft bring them back to Modern SharePoint, you will have to rely on Classic SharePoint experience to use it.

Please follow this article if you want to know more about the new functions and alternatives to use in modern experience.


Edit Page

This is the most common command you might be looking for when the ribbon is missing. You will find Edit button on the top right of the page itself:

Click the Edit button to edit the page

Save / Publish Page

While you are in edit mode, you should be able to see the Save as Draft and the Republish option:

Save the page by clicking Save as Draft or Republish

List or Library settings

You can click on the settings (cog wheel) icon and access the library settings:

Click the cog wheel icon to enter List settings

Manage Alerts

While you are on your list or library page, you can access alerts by clicking more options (the three dots):

Click the three dots and click Manage my alerts

New Items 

You can add new items on the list by clicking the New button:

Click the New button to add new items

Edit List commands

Select the items you want to edit to see the Editing options available in the ribbon:

Edit items in the list by clicking Edit or Edit in grid view

Views in Modern SharePoint

Create a new view, modify and save your current view by clicking the All Items options:

Click the All items view to create and modify views

The filter pane in Modern SharePoint

Filter the items in your SharePoint list/library according to the data in your columns by using the Filter Pane:

Filter items in your SharePoint list

Export to Excel

Export your SharePoint list to an Excel table by using the Export to Excel Workbook command:

Export a list by clicking Export to Excel Workbook

Send To

Send information of a page to an email account or via social networking tool by clicking the Send To option:

Send the site information using the Sent to button


Stay up to date with SharePoint sites that you are interested in by clicking the Follow button on the top right part: 

Stay up to date with the Follow button

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