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Changes in Scripting Capabilities for Classic Pages

Starting March 2024, Microsoft will remove the ability to enable scripting capabilities in the SharePoint admin center. Scripting Capabilities refers to using custom scripts to change specific aspects of SharePoint sites and pages. Enabling Scripting Capabilities is required to be able to use ShortPoint in building and designing Classic pages.

What will happen?

When the Custom Script setting is removed, you will no longer be able to add, modify, or remove scripts within OneDrive and SharePoint sites unless administrators enable Scripting capabilities using PowerShell. This will not impact the ability to execute existing scripts in OneDrive and SharePoint sites. 

This is the Custom Script setting that will be removed from the Admin Center UI:

Scripting Capabilities in Admin Center

What actions need to be taken?

While the ability to enable scripting capability will be removed in the SharePoint Admin Center, you can still activate this setting through the use of PowerShell. Check out the tutorials below to learn more:


Q1) Will I be affected if I am using SharePoint for Modern Pages?

A1) No, Scripting Capabilities are automatically enabled in Modern SharePoint pages. Users with Modern pages will not be affected and do not need to activate any settings.

Q2) I have scripting capabilities currently enabled and have classic pages that were designed using ShortPoint, what will happen? Will I be affected?

A2)No, since you have already enabled Scripting Capabilities, you will not be impacted by this change anymore. This will only apply to new tenants who do not have their scripting capabilities enabled.

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