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You Get Error "We Could Not Connect to the given Site. Please Make Sure It Is a Valid SharePoint Url and You Have Access to That Site"


You are trying to connect to SharePoint site by URL and you get error:

We could not connect to the given site. Please make sure it is a valid SharePoint Url and you have access to that site


Currently logged in user does not have access to the target site.

  • The target site is in another domain

Target site from witch lists will be retrieved is in a different domain than the site in witch data will be displayed


To be able to use ShortPoint Site URL connection type, please ensure the target site URL:

  1. Target URL is a site URL (No document library or list URL accepted)
  2. Target site is accessible by currently logged in user and that the user has permissions to view the list the data will displayed from
  3. Target URL is in the same domain as the page where ShortPoint element is added

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