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How to Set Modern SharePoint Experience Page as Your Site Homepage/Welcome Page

If you are currently on SharePoint 2019 or SharePoint Office 365 environment, and you want to set your homepage to have a Modern Experience, then this article is for you.

NOTE: To know more about the difference between the Classic and Modern SharePoint page, please go through What is Modern SharePoint?.


Before we begin

  • Make sure that you have a Site Collection administration or Edit access to the pages.
  • This article is only applicable for SharePoint 2019 and SharePoint Office 365 environment.


  • Make sure that you already created a home page ready on Modern Experience. If you haven't got it ready yet, we recommend you to take a look at this article that will help you how to Create a SharePoint Modern Experience Page.
  • Make sure that you have already set your lists and libraries to have the SharePoint Modern Experience, if not, kindly follow this Microsoft article that will help you with that.

Step 1: Navigate to your pages library

Before proceeding with the steps, it is important that you go through the prerequisite of this article to make the change successful.  If you are sure that you have already obtained them, you may begin by going to the system pages.

In your left navigation/quick launch menu of your SharePoint site, please click Pages

Click Pages

If you are using SharePoint Communication site, or you disabled the quick launch/Left Navigation from a Modern Team site using ShortPoint Theme Builder, you can also access the Site Pages by clicking the cog wheel icon (1) on the upper right side of the SharePoint page, and click Site Contents (2):

Click the Cog wheel icon and click Site Contents

After clicking Site contents, you are now entering the System pages of your site collection. Click Site Pages to proceed: 

in System pages, click Site pages

Step 2: Select your page and make it homepage

Select the page you want to promote as homepage: 

Select the page you want to make as a homepage

Click the three dots (1) and from the list, select Make homepage (2):

select three dots and click make homepage

After selecting the homepage, you should see the prompt on the right side of the Site page library, indicating that the change is successful: 

confirmation that the page has become your hompage


That's it! You may now go back to the main page of your site collection and see the new modern homepage that you set. We hope you like this short but helpful article in designing your intranet sites!

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