Starting from ShortPoint Version 6.2.x.x onward, you can use ShortPoint Theme Builder for Modern Pages too! 

Before we begin

  1. Please make sure you have upgraded to ShortPoint 6.2.x.x
  2. Modern ShortPoint Theme Builder has been released for Office 365 and SharePoint 2019 in ShortPoint Version 6.3.
  3. This article only explains how to get started with Modern ShortPoint Theme Builder (for Modern Pages only)
  4. You can use Modern Theme Builder for any of SharePoint Classic and Modern site collection

What's new in ShortPoint Modern Theme Builder?

Please have a look at What's new in ShortPoint Modern Theme Builder? to check out all the beautiful features introduced with Modern ShortPoint Theme Builder.

Getting Started with ShortPoint Modern Theme Builder

Step 1: Go to Site Contents

From the site where you want to use Modern ShortPoint Theme Builder, go to Site Contents:

Step 2: Go to ShortPoint Dashboard

Open ShortPoint Dashboard from your Site Contents.

Modern Experience:

Classic Experience:

Step 3: Click on Theme Builder

Important: Site customization has been renamed to Theme Builder now 

Step 4: Activate ShortPoint Modern Theme Builder

On the Theme Builder page, you will see two options (What is classic and modern?):

  1. Classic 
  2. Modern

Depending on your site home page experience, ShortPoint will automatically select the respective option. Select Modern if not already selected and click on Customize my site:

This will open your site home page with Modern Theme Builder enabled:

Your site home page is in Classic Experience

You may land in situation where your site home page is in classic experience and you have activated Modern ShortPoint Theme Builder. In that case you will see below screen:

You will have two options in such cases:

Option 1: Switch to classic Theme Builder;

Option 2: Navigate to Modern Page from right side preview frame.

ShortPoint Modern Theme Builder on Hub & Associated Site Collections

ShortPoint Modern Theme Builder on Hub sites will work exactly same as any other Modern Site. However, if your site collection is associated with any other Hub site, the color palette feature will follow the color palette theme builder setting of hub site and you cannot use color palette in your associated site.


Explore main features of ShortPoint Modern Theme Builder