If you are facing the issue with the Slideshows and Image Carousels element not displaying the order bullets correctly on Modern pages, this article is for you.


Order bullets for Slideshows and Image Carousels on Modern pages are displayed on the bottom and adding additional white space under the element. It happens in Google Chrome browser.


This issue will be fixed in our upcoming ShortPoint releases.  

For you to avoid this issue, we have prepared a temporary workaround for you.
Please open the settings of the Row, where Slideshows/Image Carousels element is located, navigate to the Custom CSS tab and insert this code:

.slick-slider.slick-dotted {margin-bottom: 0 !important;}
.slick-dots{position: absolute !important; padding: 0 !important;}

Following this workaround the issue will be fixed and the order bullets will be displayed correctly.