If you were trying our very first version of ShortPoint SPFx (v6.1.0.0), and trying to add ShortPoint WebPart into a Full-width column, you will notice that you simply cannot do that (you will see the message "You can add one of these web parts to this full-width column" as shown below), and that ShortPoint WebPart is available for all different column types except the Full-width column, well we're here to tell you how to overcome this issue.

And by using other type of columns, you will always notice that there are some significant whitespace between page content and the edges of your browser on a large screen (see figure below)


To overcome this issue, all you have to do is the following:

Step 1. Edit any Section (or Background element) that you would like it to take the full width of your screen

Step 2. Choose the Force full screen width option


Note: the support for full-width column is not available only in release ShortPoint SPFx (v6.1.0.0), all versions higher than should have the support for full-width columns ready in SPFx.