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Caching Options for Dynamically Connected ShortPoint Design Elements

In this article we are introducing the caching options for dynamically connected ShortPoint design elements. 


Why enabling cache is useful?

  • If you have connected design elements on your page, ShortPoint engine will try to read the information from the connected source every time you load the page, that slows the page loading time.
  • Enabling caching options can help you to improve it.

How does the cache work?

ShortPoint will save the data in the cache from the original source after the first request.

Where can I find and change the caching options?

You can find them in the Performance & Caching section in the Connect tab.

What caching options are available?

There are three available cache options for the dynamically connected elements:

  • Smart Cache+
  • Cache for a time period
  • Disable Caching

First two options enable cache, and the last (as it's clear from its name) - disables it.


  • The Smart Cache+ caching option is available from ShortPoint version 7.0.x (planned to be released in August 2020 for ShortPoint SPFx (Office 365 and SharePoint 2019) and in September 2020 for SharePoint Farm Solution (SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint 2016) platforms).
  • If you have an earlier version installed, you won't see this caching option. Just cache for a time period option will be available. Also, the UI will be different, as shown below:


Option 1: Smart Cache+

The element will load quickly from cache. Then, after the page finishes loading, it will retrieve the latest data in the background and show it.

Option 2: Cache for a time period

Data from the cache will be shown for the selected time, then the latest data will be retrieved after that time period expires.

Set the time period in Automatically clear the cache every field.

Differences between Smart Cache+ and Cache for a time period options

Smart Cache+Cache for a time period
Displays new data as soon as it is receivedDisplays data for the duration of a set time period
Shows cached data instead of the preloaderShows the spinner preloader after the caching period ends (can take a long time to disappear depending on the connection)
Elements fade seamlesslyElements pop in when they are loaded

You may check the difference between these two caching options in the video below:

Option 3: Disable Caching

With this option enabled, you will always get the data from the connection. 

This means that the page will call for data each time on page reload.

Find out more about ShortPoint Connect feature in our ShortPoint Connect: Basic Tutorial.

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