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Why do I see two different ShortPoint SPFx package versions?

You may have noticed that on the Download Page at our official website, there are two package numbers indicated. For example:

In this article, we will explain why the versions are different and how you can become confident in understanding ShortPoint SPFx package versions installed in your Office 365 / SharePoint 2019 environment.

The App Catalog version

Let's start from the initial installation step. 

The number indicated on the Download button ( in our case) should be displayed in your App Catalog:

The Site Contents App Version

After you have added ShortPoint SPFx to the site, if you click on the ellipsis, you will see the same, version:

The Dashboard Version

In step 3 of the installation, you will see a discrepancy: the version indicated in the Dashboard will be different from the ones in two previous steps.

Is this a problem?

Absolutely not.

  • The version that you see initially is the package that provides you with all necessary updates. 
  • The version in the Dashboard is different because we have found a way to deliver updates to you without you having to replace the package file in your App Catalog. This is why you will see two different version numbers. 

Upon first installation, the latest Dashboard version will be delivered to you automatically. The following upgrades will depend on whether you are using the Auto Upgrade or Manual Upgrade feature.

So, if your current installation of ShortPoint SPFx looks like this, you're all set and ready to design gorgeous and engaging Intranet pages with ShortPoint.

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