There are three ShortPoint user types for Microsoft Teams:

In this article we will explain who the License Manager for Microsoft Teams is and what rights he/she will have.


Who is a ShortPoint License Manager in Microsoft Teams?

ShortPoint License Manager is the most advanced user in terms of permissions. A License Manager has all the rights of a Designer, but in addition he/she has rights to assign the remaining ShortPoint licenses to other users.

The first user who submits a trial request will be automatically assigned as a ShortPoint License Manager. 

There can only be one License Manager per Teams account.

How to check if the user is a License Manager?

Click the down-arrow icon on the right side to the ShortPoint tab you have, and select the Settings option from the drop-down:

Open the Account Settings by clicking the cog wheel button inside the ShortPoint tab:

Switch to the Users tab. 

The user who has License Manager type is actually a License Manager :) 

How can License Manager assign a license to another user

ShortPoint License Manager can assign the licenses to existing or new users.

Assign License to a New User:

Click the Assign New User button at the top of the Users tab:

Enter the user's email (1) and click Assign License button (2):

Assign License to an Existing user:

Hover over the user and click Assign License button:

Confirm your action by clicking Assign License button in the popup window:

You will see a message that the license assigned successfully (1) and the type for this user will change to Designer (2):

Before you assign a new ShortPoint Designer, please remember that:

  • It cannot be shared account;
  • It has to be a real person account.

Important: Please note that the license will be locked to the assigned user. You can reassign your licensed user 1 time per year by emailing us at We would appreciate if you indicate Reassign ShortPoint User as an email topic.

Can a user be ShortPoint License Manager, but not the ShortPoint Designer?

No, only one of the ShortPoint Designers can be a ShortPoint License Manager. 

Those users who do not have ShortPoint license, cannot be assigned as a License Manager.

Can ShortPoint License Manager be reassigned?

If for some important reason you need to reassign the License Manager, contact us at

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