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Prerequisite 1: Setup SharePoint 2019 Farm App Catalog (SPFx)

This article explains how to set up the App Catalog on your SharePoint 2019 Farm Server. The App Catalog is where you will upload the ShortPoint App and all other apps to your SharePoint 2019 Farm server.


Before we begin

  • This article is for SharePoint 2019 Farm Server.
  • Make sure that you are part of the Farm Administrators group.
  • Make sure that you have the English language pack installed. Take note that you don't need to have a site created with this language pack. It just needs to be installed for ShortPoint to work correctly.

Step-by-Step Tutorial

Step 1: Configure the Subscription Settings and App Management service applications

Make sure you have configured the Subscription Settings. If you haven't done this yet, follow our support article: Configure the Subscription Settings and App Management Service Applications (SharePoint 2019).

Step 2: Go to Central Administration 

Open the Windows launcher and use the search box to locate SharePoint 2019 Central Administration. Click it to open.

SharePoint 2019 Central Administration

Step 3: Go to Manage App Catalog

Once there, select Apps from the side panel.

Apps button

Under App Management, click Manage App Catalog

Manage App Catalog button

Step 4: Click on Create a new app catalog site

On the Manage App Catalog page, select the Create a new app catalog site option and click OK

Create a new app catalog site

Step 5: Create App catalog site

Select your Web Application from the drop-down and fill in the necessary details to create the App Catalog.  

Below are the details you need to add:

  • Title: This will serve as the name of your App Catalog Site Collection.
  • Description: This will describe the purpose of your site.
  • URL: This contains the URL of the site.
  • Primary Site Collection Administrator: This will specify the user who will manage the App Catalog. Take note that only one user is allowed and security groups will not be permitted. 

Once you are done, click Create

Create app catalog

Step 6: Verification

To check if you have successfully created the App Catalog, select Apps again from the side panel.

Apps button

Then, click Manage App Catalog.

Manage App Catalog button

You will now be able to see your App Catalog site details on the Manage App Catalog page.
Site URL

NOTE: If you want to use ShortPoint in multiple Web Applications, repeat the steps above for each Web Application.

You can now proceed to enable scripting capabilities (if you wish to install ShortPoint for both Classic and Modern SharePoint pages) or you can proceed to Prerequisite 3: Enable IIS 6 Metabase Compatibility (SharePoint 2019)

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