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ShortPoint Now Supports Version History in SharePoint Modern Pages

Viewing, restoring, and deleting versions of your published pages is now made easy through Version History in SharePoint Modern Pages. Plus, you can compare previous versions against what is currently published and see edits that were made.


How does it work?

Step 1: Open Version History Panel

There are two ways to view your page’s version history. One is through the Page Details window and another is through clicking the Page Status notification.

  • Through Page Details

Under the More Details section, you will find a Version History link.

  • Through Page Status

When available, click the Page Status notification.

Step 2: View Version List

The Version History panel will show published and draft versions of your page. The latest versions are listed first. Information about who published the version and when it was published is also available.



Step 3: Expand Version To View Changes

You can review changes made by selecting a version entry.  The page preview will show the version you selected and the version panel will list all changes made between versions.



Step 4: Use Highlight Changes

When you have many elements on your page and you want to highlight what changes were made, you can use the Highlight changes on page option.  ShortPoint fully supports versioning and elements you added through Page Builder will be highlighted. Added elements are highlighted in green, edited components in yellow and deleted components in red.


More Actions In Version History

By clicking on the ellipsis in each listed version, you have options to Compare with selected version, Unpublish, Restore, or Delete.


The current published version has an option to Compare with selected version and Unpublish.

Previously published versions have options to Compare with selected version, Restore, and Delete.

Option 1: Compare Versions

Easily see edits made between versions.


Option 2: Unpublish Current Version

This option appears only for the current published version.


Republish to make sure action is completed.

Option 3: Restore A Previous Version

Select the version you want to restore, click the ellipsis, and choose Restore in the drop-down.

Note: The preview of your restored version may contain edits of the current version of your page.  This will disappear when the page is published.


Click Republish to make sure action is completed.

Option 4: Delete Past Versions

To delete a past version, select the version, click the ellipsis and choose Delete from the drop-down.

Remember to Republish to make sure action is completed.

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