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Known Limitation: Original Formatting is Preserved When Pasting Text in Froala Editor (ShortPoint Page Builder Live Mode)

When pasting the text content into text editor for ShortPoint Design Elements, you can see that the original formatting is preserved (text color, background, font size and style etc.). 

You may notice this when pasting the content in the Text Design Element, including the cases when the Text is inside the content-holder Design Elements such as Panel, Alert, Info etc.

NoteShortPoint Page Builder Live Mode was formerly known as Visual Builder.

This issue happens when you copy the text from the third-party source, for example, another website or SharePoint page, as well as from the current text editor window.

Pasting in Froala Editor. Visual Builder


This is an expected behavior of the HTML editor when copy-pasting the text. We use Froala HTML editor in ShortPoint Page Builder Live Mode and ShortPoint Page Builder Grid Mode, and this editor has the same behavior.

For example, when you copy a portion of text with a different background color than the current, you expect that the background color will be copied as well.

That is why, even when you copy a part of the text from the same editor window and paste it right below, it remains with the same formatting, including the white background.


If you'd like the current formatting to be preserved, you can use the following solutions to clear any formatting applied to the copied text:

  • Copy the text content to a regular text editor first, for example, Notepad. Then, copy the text content from the text editor and paste it in Live Mode/Grid Mode.
  • Use the Ctrl+Shift+V (for Windows) or Cmd+Shift+V (for macOS) shortcuts when pasting the text content to the Live Mode/Grid Mode . This will paste your text without any formatting preserved.

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