You don't have any pre-loader installed on your site, for the best user experience, we recommend adding a pre-loader to your master page To know more about how you can add a pre-loader, Click here

If you are getting a warning telling you that you don't have a pre-loader installed on your site, either on ShortPoint Page Builder ( left side of next image ) or inside the Site Customization Tool ( right side of next image ), and you're wondering why you see such warning, then you came to the right place.

Why Am I seeing this warning?

Without a preloader, you can still design awesome intranet and site pages using ShortPoint, but while your users navigate through the site, they will experience when your site turns from a regular SharePoint site, into a branded site using ShortPoint.

Although this experience will happen very fast, and usually it takes no more than a fraction of a second ( it can take more on pages with longer content ), but it will still harm the user experience.

That's why we recommend installing a pre-loader into the site, which will show a nice animation, covering all the branding operation behind its scene, and only hiding the preloader when the site is fully branded, and ready for end users.

For more information on how you can add a pre-loader into your site, check this article.