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Use the ShortPoint Logger

This article is deprecated. The solution described here is no longer used. Please refer to these articles instead:

We want to provide you with the best support possible. So we are trying new feature that will help us to reproduce the issues you guys report at our test environments and solve issues faster. We called the feature ShortPoint Logger.

Here how it works:

  1. Type ?spdebug=true in the url in the address bar.
  2. Hit enter
  3. From the ribbon bar, Click on the ShortPoint Insert button
  4. Open any ShortPoint element ( button for example )
  5. Click the new button that appears at the bottom of the Inserter called "Logger File" ( see image below )
  6. Download the log file (Log file will contain all of the content in the current page's rich text editor areas)
  7. Send it to us


Text Area instead of Download Button

In some browsers, you might not see the "Download Log File" button, and instead you'll see a text area that contains a lot of text.

If that's the case to you, just copy all the content in that text area, and paste it into a text editor (Notepad for example), save the file, and send it to us.

Can't Even Open The Inserter or Edit any ShortPoint?

If you're having a really bad day that even the ShortPoint Insert button can't be clicked, nor any ShortPoint on the page can be edited, you can do try the following steps to get us the logger information:

  • Open the developer tools in your browser (F12)
  • Go to the console panel
  • run the following code 


  • Copy all the output data you see in the console (they might be huge, sorry!), and send them to us.

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