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How to Show That Your Intranet Site Is Compliant With the Latest Accessibility Standards

Once you enable ShortPoint Accessibility on your intranet, your users will now have a fully accessible experience of all your site pages that meet WCAG, ADA, and other international accessibility standards. To make this known both to your everyday users, your stakeholders, and the agencies that require sites to meet web accessibility standards in your jurisdiction.

In this article, we will provide you with suggested options to show that your site meets accessibility standards.



  • You have ShortPoint SPFx version 7.8.x.xx or later installed on your SharePoint tenancy
  • ShortPoint Accessibility is active on your intranet site
  • You have an active trial/paid license for ShortPoint and the UserWay Widget
  • You have an active license as a ShortPoint User

Ways to Show Compliance to Accessibility Standards

Whether for compliance audits or for your users’ information, you can perform one or more of the following actions to display accessibility compliance information and activities:

1. Add an Accessibility Statement to your Intranet

Having a page on your intranet site that expresses your organization’s commitment to accessibility is the first step towards compliance. It allows you to demonstrate your efforts to support accessibility and make this known to all your users.

ShortPoint Accessibility has made adding an accessibility statement, which you can use and display on a page, quick and easy. Check out our support article on How to Add an Accessibility Statement to your Intranet Site to create a page similar to our example below.

sample accessibility page

2. Detailed Web Accessibility & Compliance Report

Users can click on the following button in your Accessibility Statement to download a Detailed Web Accessibility Remediations report that shows the different actions taken by ShortPoint Accessibility in order to improve your intranet’s accessibility.

button to view accessibility report

You can view a sample “Detailed Web Accessibility & Compliance Report” by clicking on the following image:

sample detailed web accessibility document

Another great way to showcase your compliance to accessibility standards is to add compliance badges to your intranet site’s footer together with a link to your Accessibility Statement page.

footer sample

We have a variety of accessibility footer options that you can copy and paste into your intranets. Just visit our Demos Library at, navigate to the Accessibility > Footer templates and copy the design that you like.

Follow the steps in our support article on Getting Started with ShortPoint Footer for SharePoint to apply this to your site.

demos site footer

4. Request an Expert Audit (Only if required)

Finally, if you are required by your jurisdiction to provide an accessibility auditing report that’s performed by a web accessibility expert then you can request a full audit from our partner UserWay. This provides you with an audit report that meets the strict standards enforced by the government and regulatory agencies globally.

Visit for more information.

In this article, we have listed the options provided with ShortPoint Accessibility, and showing that you are compliant with the latest accessibility standards is now effortless.

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