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ShortPoint SPFx Trial License

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What do you need to know about the ShortPoint SPFx trial license?

ShortPoint offers a trial license to users who want to test the capabilities of the product before purchasing. Once ShortPoint is installed for the first time, the trial license will automatically activate for 15 days on your tenant or farm. 

Note: Your trial license is tenant and farm-based and the 15-day evaluation period will be the same on all your site collections, sites, and subsites. So, if your trial license expires on one site, it means that it has also expired on all other sites.

The trial license allows you to use all ShortPoint features and actions including Theme Builder, Page Builder, Generator, and many more. All users with edit permissions are able to try ShortPoint on the site where it is installed.

Reminder: Trial License is not like the other licenses. Clients who have a one-year license will not have their work hidden once the trial expires. The designs will still be visible. However, it will not be editable. ShortPoint Page Builder, Theme Builder, and other features will become inactive.

How to check your trial license status?

Start the interactive tutorial to learn how to check the trial license status:

What will happen when the Trial License expires?

Click Get Started to see what happens when your Trial License expires:

If you want to extend your trial license or if you have any questions about licensing, don't hesitate to drop a message at

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