To activate ShortPoint SPFx license, you need to go to Site Contents, locate ShortPoint Dashboard, and click the Licensing page. 

Important: In case you are using ShortPoint for the entire site collection, make sure you are at the root site of your site collection in order to activate the license for the whole site collection. 

If you purchased your license or requested to extend your trial, you will see a message, New license is available

Click Activate:

You will see the status and how many days are left before your next renewal.

Now, you need to assign ShortPoint Users to accounts from your environment.

By default, ShortPoint will assign the user who installed ShortPoint SPFx as a ShortPoint user. You can change the default user and assign it to someone else. But it will be locked and can not be changed during one year.

Before you assign a new user, please remember that:

  • The user cannot be shared account;
  • It has to be a real person account.