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ShortPoint Add-In and SPFx Trial License

We want to make evaluating ShortPoint as easy as possible:

  • After you install ShortPoint for the first time, it will automatically activate 15 days free evaluation license on your tenant or farm.
  • The trial license is tenant and farm based. Remaining evaluation days will be same on all your site collections, sites, and subsites.

Note: Your ShortPoint license status is same for your entire SharePoint farm or tenant (domain). If your trial expired on one site, it means it is expired on all other sites as well.

When your trial expires, all your designs will become inactive. Once you activate new license, all your work will back to normal.

Trial license is not like the other licenses. After you activate one year license, when you license expires, none of your work will become hidden. everything will work except ShortPoint page builder and theme builder will become inactive 

How to check your trial license status?

Go to Site Contents - ShortPoint (Dashboard)

In ShortPoint Dashboard, you will see when your trial will expire.

Open Licensing page in ShortPoint Dashboard

You will see the status of the license:


If you have a valid license, you should be able to use all ShortPoint features and actions.

If you do not have a valid license, all these actions will be disabled.

And as long as your trial license is valid, you will also see your designs on the page.

Trial About to Expire - Warning

When your trial license is about to expire, you will see a warning message in all your pages while editing.

Note: If you do not want to use ShortPoint anymore and do not want this message to appear. You need to uninstall ShortPoint from your site.

Warning:Your ShortPoint Trial license expiring soon (expiration date) Go to Licensing page in ShortPoint Dashboard for more information.

What will happen when trial license expire?

  • All ShortPoint features and actions will become inactive.
  • ShortPoints and your designs will become hidden on the pages
  • You can still delete ShortPoints using the delete action button
Note: Once you reactivate ShortPoint license, everything will be working again. You will not lose any of your work 

Note: Your designs will be hidden on pages ONLY if your trial license expired. For our ShortPoint license customers, your designs and work will always work even after your ShortPoint license expire.

ShortPoint Trial License Expired!

ShortPoint Dashboard will show the message, and all ShortPoint features will become inactive.

ShortPoint Licensing page will also show this message: Your trial license expired:

Error: Your Shortpoint trial license expired. Go to Licensing page in ShortPoint Dashboard for more information.

You will not see your designs and ShortPoints in the pages. This is only for expired trial licenses.

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