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Migrating SharePoint Sites with ShortPoint Content and Customizations

It is easy to migrate SharePoint site contents with ShortPoint design elements and Theme Builder customizations into a new or existing site collection. Depending on the size and complexity of your site, you can choose between using a third-party migration tool or manually migrating your content.

Let’s take a look at each of the options.


Option 1: Migration using third-party migration tools

ShortPoint supports third-party applications such as ShareGate and Metalogix, to name a few. You can use these tools when you have a large amount of data on your current site. It will also make moving massive lists and libraries easy.

We have prepared articles dedicated to each type of migration. Click the link that corresponds to what you want to achieve:

Option 2: Manual migration

When you have minimal data as well as a few lists and libraries to move, you can opt to manually migrate them to the new or existing environment.

Here are the steps with references to articles showing you how to do manual migration:

Step 1: Install ShortPoint in the new environment

You can start by downloading the latest version of the ShortPoint application and installing it on the destination site.

The following articles provide detailed tutorials on how to install:

Step 2: Activate ShortPoint license

Our support team will be available to help arrange the provision of your ShortPoint license from your old site to the new site.

Here is an article on How to Transfer the ShortPoint License When Migrating to a New Environment to get more information.

Step 3: Move SharePoint site contents

Select the site content, including but not limited to lists and libraries, from your source site and migrate to the destination site. There are several best practices in completing this step. For starters, here are a few articles you can look into:

Step 4: Copy and paste ShortPoint content

Restore ShortPoint content by simply copying sections or pages from the source site and pasting them on your new site.

Please view our articles on the steps to complete this:

Step 5: Import Theme customizations

Lastly, use the Import/Export feature in Theme Builder to transfer custom settings to your new site.

Please follow the instructions in this article on exporting and importing customizations.

Note: All custom changes in Theme Builder will be imported except Color Palette settings. These have to be manually restored.

Now, your manual migration is complete.

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