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Copy, Paste, Backup, Export, Restore and Import ShortPoint Page

Being able to copy the design and contents of a whole SharePoint page containing ShortPoint contents allows you to do several things. You can build another page with the same design and structure in a fraction of the time you built the original page. You can put away a copy of your page as a backup and restore it whenever the need arises. It will also be effortless to export and import whole pages and their contents from one site collection to another.



  • You have ShortPoint web parts on your SharePoint page.
  • You are a ShortPoint User with an active license.

ShortPoint Supported SharePoint Features

ShortPoint designs are saved in SharePoint page content. This means that you can apply the common SharePoint methods to:

  • Download a copy of your page and upload, check-in, or publish the page when you want to restore;
  • Backup/restore of pages library using PowerShell command; or
  • Export/Import pages library using PowerShell command.

Also, your work is saved in the page history. You can choose to restore at any time by navigating to different versions of the page.

How to Copy and Paste a ShortPoint Page

Step 1: Enable Copy and Paste bar on the page

Add ?spcopy=1 right after the page URL to enable the copy and paste functionality. A bar will appear on top of the page.

Step 2: Press Copy button

Scroll down to the middle of the page where you will find a black Copy button. Press it to save the contents onto your clipboard.

Note: If you have multiple ShortPoint web parts on your page, you will need to copy and paste them individually.

Step 3: Paste Contents

You can now paste the copied contents into a ShortPoint web part on another page. You can also save it as a text file for backup or restore purposes.

Identify the ShortPoint editing interface that you have and follow the steps on pasting your copied page.

In Live Mode

When in ShortPoint Page Builder Live Mode, enter EasyPass Active Mode by clicking the default Section tag or any Section in the area where you want to paste the copied ShortPoint page or web part. Press the ellipsis button and select to paste before or after the Section.

You can also choose to right-click on a space within a Section and select the paste option.

In Grid Mode

Go to the default Section or a Section within the space where you want to paste the copied ShortPoint page and hit the ellipsis button. Choose between pasting the copied content before or after the Section.

You can also use the context menu option by right-clicking on a space within a Section and selecting the appropriate paste option you need.

In Legacy Page Builder

Navigate to a ShortPoint editor space, open the context menu by right-clicking, and press Paste.

If you want to copy an individual Design Element or a Section, you can access our article on How to Copy a ShortPoint Design Element or Section.

Step-By-Step Video Tutorial

You can also watch the following video tutorials that we prepared for you.

Copying and pasting in Live Mode

In this video, we demonstrate different options to copy an existing page, Design Element, or a whole web part to be saved or pasted to another page in the Live Mode editing interface.

Copying and pasting in Grid Mode

Here we are showing how you can copy existing pages, sections of a page, or Design Elements into your intranet page using Grid Mode.

Copying and pasting in Legacy Page Builder

Suppose you have an older version of ShortPoint, SPFx version 7.0.x.xx, and below. In that case, you can follow the steps in this tutorial on how to copy and paste existing page designs on your intranet pages and save or apply them on a separate page.

This is another effortless way to enjoy ShortPoint and create beautiful SharePoint pages in a flash.

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