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Export and Import Customizations

Whether you are working in a staging environment and want to move your customizations into another environment, or just playing around with the customization tool, and want to take a backup of every beautiful design your hands can craft, the "Import/Export" feature is what you are looking for.

By using the "Import/Export" feature you can:

  • Take a backup of your current customization: by pasting the exported content into a text editor, and save it on your machine;
  • Move your customizations from one environment or site into another (e.g: from designing into staging or production environment);
  • Move your customizations from one site collection into another;
  • Move your customizations between various SharePoint platforms: any design you make with the customization tool, is cross-platform, which means you can do your customizations on SharePoint Online or SharePoint 2019, and then have them imported into SharePoint 2013 & SharePoint 2016, and they will look exactly the same on all platforms (isn't that cool?)

Note: These codes include Theme Builder customizations except for color palette and theme colors configuration. This allows the ShortPoint themes to pick up your site color branding when applied initially.
If you'd like the colors to be included, you will have to modify the color palette manually. Check out our article on SharePoint Branding: How to Do It Using ShortPoint Theme Builder to know more.



  • You need to have ShortPoint installed or upgraded to ShortPoint SPFx version 7.0.2.xx or later on Microsoft Office 365 (SharePoint Online) or SharePoint 2019 environment.
  • For SharePoint 2013 and 2016 (On-Premise) environments, please ensure you have the latest public release from the Download page on our official website.
  • You also need to be a ShortPoint User with an active license.

Step 1: Open Theme Builder

  • For Office 365/ SharePoint Online:

1. Click the cog wheel icon at the top of your page to open Settings and go to Site contents:

2. Open ShortPoint Dashboard:

3. Click to open Theme Builder:

4. Choose Classic or Modern, depending on the SharePoint site you are using, and click Customize my site:

Note: you cannot import/export customization for Modern site to Classic site and vice versa.

  • For SharePoint On-Premise (SharePoint 2013, SharePoint 2016):

1. Click the cog wheel icon at the top of your page and go to Site settings:

2. Open ShortPoint Dashboard:

3. Click to open Theme Builder:

4. Click Customize my site:

Step 2: Export

To export the customization settings you are working on:

  • Go to Utilities > Import / Export
  • Click on the Copy button below the Export field

Now all your customizations have been copied into your clipboard. 

  • You can paste them into a notepad and have them saved on your machine, 
  • Or you can go and import them into another environment (see next step for Import).

Step 3: Import

To Import the design all you have to do is:

  1. Paste the previously exported design into the Import field.
  2. Click on the Apply button.

Sometimes when you paste the settings into the Import field, a warning message might appear telling you about potential problems. It is good to note that you can always click on the Undo button in case the importing process does not work for any reason.

Note: Remember to paste the code in .txt plain files.

Remember to hit Publish to apply your imported customizations to your SharePoint site, and you are good to go. That is how easy exporting and importing ShortPoint Theme Builder customizations are.

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