Starting from version 6.9, we redesigned the ShortPoint Connect Feature interface. 

In this article, we will show you around the improvements implemented.

Before we start

  • This article is for ShortPoint SPFx users (both Office 365 and SharePoint 2019).
  • You need to have ShortPoint SPFx version or later.
  • The mentioned changes are not yet available in ShortPoint Farm Solution for SharePoint 2013/2016, but will be included with one of the nearest releases.

The types of connection will now appear as tiles:

Here is what you will see after the connection is established successfully:

  1. Sticky header and footer: we made sure that the key connection info is there even if you scroll up and down;
  2. About this Connection button: easily switch to a support article if you have any questions;
  3. Back to Connections button: switch back to choose another type of connection easily;
  4. Reminder to map the fields: makes sure you finish the connection process and have nice results.

In case the connection was not established successfully, you will now see a better error indication:

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