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SharePoint 2013 / 2016 - Avoid Multiple Authentication Prompts (Popups)

Applies To

  • SharePoint Server 2016
  • SharePoint Server 2013


You have added ShortPoint element to the page and connected it with SharePoint list, however you are being asked for authentication multiple times;

Reasons and Solutions

Client Object Model Permission Requirement > Require Use Remote Interfaces permissionIf you have enabled Anonymous authentication then you need to ensure that Require Use Remote Interfaces permission is Disabled

SharePoint Web Services IIS website authentication configuration improper Please make sure the SharePoint Web Services IIS website is having same authentication as your web application where you are facing problem;

DNS ProxyWe have noticed that the DNS proxy like CloudFlare is adding extra layer of security on top of your SharePoint authentication. If you have DNS proxy enabled, we recommend trying disabling that and test your website. 

If none of above works, please contact us to get it sorted. 

That's it! Thank you for your attention. 

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